Control Center 540C

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    Control Center 540C

    Post  SOSA 2006 on Wed Mar 03, 2010 4:38 am

    A unique concept in console accessories, the Control Center 540C represents the latest advance in Joytech’s award winning* ‘Control Center’ product line, and will prove invaluable for the connection of next generation game consoles or owners of complex installations.

    Perfectly complementing the design and appearance of the Xbox 360, the Control Center 540C allows users to connect their console and up to five additional AV sources to just one input on their TV, display and sound system.

    Equipped with a proprietary connection to accommodate Xbox 360, the Control Center 540C receives all relevant visual and audio information sent from the console, through a single Connector Cable that comes included. Through this Connector Cable, standard definition S-video, composite video and stereo audio is carried, alongside standard and high definition component video and digital optical audio.

    Once the Xbox 360 is connected to the Control Center 540C, users have access to an additional four HDTV ready component video inputs, five composite video and stereo audio inputs, five S-video inputs and four digital optical inputs alongside a corresponding matched output for each input connection, allowing for a broad and extensive range of equipment to be permanently connected to just a single input on the users TV, display or sound system. Additionally, the Control Center 540C features a six port Ethernet LAN Hub, providing a reliable connection to Xbox Live and other network devices.

    The front Programmable Display automatically adjusts to vertical or horizontal orientation, allowing users to position the Control Center 540C alongside their Xbox 360 console in the manner they desire. Users are even invited to customize each input name, and with the included Remote Control, navigating each input proves no more complex than touching a button. Furthermore, the front panel of the Control Center 540C houses an additional set of S-video, composite video and stereo audio inputs allowing quick and easy access for camcorders or game consoles.

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