Bannco brings X Scorch to Xbox 360


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    Bannco brings X Scorch to Xbox 360

    Post  FWM-BEZZA on Mon Mar 22, 2010 7:23 pm

    Bannco has brought its successful FragNstein product to the Xbox 360. It is now called the 'X Scorch 360' and provides a mouse and left hand grip for avid FPS fans. However, the product does requre a wired 360 controller to initiate first but then it works wirelessly!

    Bannco Releases "x Scorch 360"

    New York, March 22, 2010 - Today Bannco Corp announced the release of its cross platform "x Scorch 360" controller (Scorch).

    Scorch 360 is a high quality wireless game mouse and grip for the xbox 360 and PC. It is compatible with all games on the xbox. Scorch is the twin to Bannco's highly rated FRAGnStein controller for the PS3.

    Features include a complete customizable xBox controller button set, with a right-hand mouse for targeting prey and a left-hand WASD grip for movement. Scorch can be programmed, has digital sniper buttons and can be upgraded by firmware. This allows gamers to customize their controller and game experience.

    Scorch is also a full-featured wireless PC gaming mouse with extra buttons and a left hand control for WASD movements, making it a universal cross-platform FPS tool for both the xBox and PC gaming. The suggested retail price is $79.99 USD making it in the same price range as a regular PC mouse but with the added bonus of full xBox support.

    Scorch is the ideal console controller for PC gamers looking to move to the console.

    The 1600 DPI, 500Hz refresh rate low-lag laser mouse meets all high-end PC mouse needs. Rapid fire, aim lock and on the fly adjustments are some of the Scorch features.

    Scorch can be purchased now by locating sellers on the Bannco sales map.

    A short video with Scorch 360 and Halo can be seen

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