MS patent quick DLC download system


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    MS patent quick DLC download system

    Post  FWM-BEZZA on Mon Mar 15, 2010 10:45 pm

    Microsoft has patented a prompting system which allows Xbox 360 gamers to quickly purchase & install downloadable content without having to visit Xbox LIVE Marketplace. Microsoft believe that many people leave Xbox LIVE Marketplace without purchasing the content they wanted as it is a "highly frustrating" method with many steps.
    Microsoft patent description:
    An automated direct transaction and delivery system for digital content ("ATDDC") provides for automated detection of missing digital content or resources required for a player or participant to participate in a multimedia application in either a single player or multiplayer environment is described. The ATDDC automatically detects that a player may not have installed particular required content or that a title update is required in order to participate in a media session or video game. Upon detection of missing content or resources the ATDDC provides direct bid to purchase the content or resources, provides for automatic download, installation and configuration of the content while allowing the player to remain in contact with other players within a party.

    In a multiplayer environment, one or more players may send an invitation to a player to join the racing game. The inviting players may already have purchased the content for the Melbourne Grand Prix Circuit while the invitee may in fact not have this content. Upon being presented with an invitation and attempting to join an ongoing race on the Melbourne Grand Prix Circuit, the invitee would typically be confronted with some type of error notification that he or she did not have the requisite content and resources. The invitee would then be required to back out of the commenced multiplayer session, manually locate the desired content, purchase the content, install the content, relocate the inviting players, prepare his own request to join their game and then join the game that may already be well underway.


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    Re: MS patent quick DLC download system

    Post  FwM~CROW on Tue Mar 16, 2010 4:30 am

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! people leave the market place feeling more robbed than when they first went in,micro shaft robbin fckrz

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