Xecuter CK3-CP Update, XFRAG 360, CK3 Probe v2 and New LT Switch v1.5


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    Xecuter CK3-CP Update, XFRAG 360, CK3 Probe v2 and New LT Switch v1.5

    Post  FWM-BEZZA on Mon Mar 15, 2010 10:35 pm

    Lots of news from Team Xecuter:

    +++ Xecuter CK3-CP Update
    The Xecuter CK3-CP is the crown jewel in the range of CK3 products. We have combined all the functionality of the CK3 Pro plus into a fully featured PC driven LCD Display & Control Panel, not to mention a slew of new automated features. Please note that the following image is a prototype. We expect to begin shipping sometime in April 2010.
    Xecuter CK3-CP

    * Fits into any 5.25″ PC bay
    * 2×16 Custom Design LCD Display
    * 4 x Button Directional Keypad (e.g Jungle Flasher No-Mouse Operation)
    * 1 x SATA Port
    * 2 x USB 2.0 Ports
    * CK3 Power Connector for any XBOX 360 DVD Drive
    * Xbox 360 DVD Eject Button
    * IVM (Intelligent Vendor Mode) - Software can control DVD Power and Eject (inc half tray) for fully automated DVD fw access (vendor mode etc)
    * 2 x Programmable LED's (Many uses with apps like Jungle Flasher)
    * When not being used for CK3, the LCD can be used to display ANY information (Huge Possibilities)
    * LCD Smartie open source software is fully compatible with the LCD. Includes custom driver.
    * The LCD display is fully customizable from the PC, including the directional pad and the notification LED's.
    * LCD backlight and contrast are software controllable.
    * The simplified and robust protocol allows anyone from hobbyists to professionals to interface the CK3 CP.
    * Great for displaying system statistics like temperature, cpu usage, and ram.
    * Compatible with all versions of Windows. Most linux distributions and even PowerPC and Intel Macintosh systems.

    CK3 Related (Sources and info available for 3rd party software developers)
    * IVM (Intelligent Vendor Mode) - DVD Power and Eject (inc half tray) full software controlled
    * The LCD display can guide you step by step when flashing a 360 drive (or other app functions)
    * Any input inquiry can be done right on the directional pad - and also an OK/ENTER button.
    * No need to keep looking to the monitor or fiddling with the mouse to control the PC for the next step.
    * Metal frame means the unit is sturdy and reliable.
    * CK3-CP works with all current 360 drives.
    * Industry standard, PL2303 transceiver for communication. This means you get great stability and compatibility.

    +++ Xecuter XFRAG 360 Launched
    The Xecuter XFRAG 360 is the ultimate accessory for the hardcore gamer who craves the accuracy and freedom of using their beloved keyboard and mouse on an Xbox 360. We have looked at other products on the market and taken it to the next level by looking at gamers wish lists and then fine tuning every aspect of quality and performance and giving it to you at a price that doesn't break the bank.
    This device is not meant for the average gamer who likes to take pot shots at tin cans, this is for the gamer who loves to frag the living hell out of anything that moves - whether it be Call Of Duty, Gears of War, Rainbow Six or Halo - you will simply OWN anything that crosses your path. For the discerning Playstation addict - you can even connect a PS2 DualShcok2 controller to your Xbox 360 (though why anybody would prefer the PS2 controller over the soul-soothing goodness that is a 360 controller is beyond us) - we've added it anyway !
    We have struck a deal that will see this distributed in several global high street retail chains so you can be sure to be able to get your hands on one of these for only $69.95 ! (Similar products sell for upto $100)
    * Connect a PS/2 or USB keyboard & Mouse to the Xbox 360
    * Connect a Playstation DualShock2 controller to the Xbox 360
    * All Xbox 360 buttons including analogue can be mapped to any keys on the keyboard
    * Rapid Fire and Auto Fire Function (8 Customizable Buttons)
    * Adjustable X&Y Mouse Sensitivity
    * Compatible with most PS/2 or USB Keyboard & Mouse combination's
    * Compatible with all Xbox 360 Games
    * Compatible with all Xbox 360 Console Versions
    * Compatible with both CL & the new Matrix Xbox 360 Wired Controllers
    * Connect any PS2 peripheral including Guitars, Dance mats, Light Guns, Racing Wheels etc
    * Trusted Xecuter Design & Quality
    Xecuter XFRAG 360

    +++ CK3 Probe v2 First Batch Available & New LT Switch v1.5
    As previously announced the CK3 Probe v2 shipment was on hold due to the delay on the custom made conductive glue shipment. Due to the quantity it was not allowed to be flown on a airplane so had to be transported by ship (which has caused an 8 week delay). However we have been inundated with requests to release a batch of the stock without the glue as many of you are simply prepared just to do the trace repairs yourselves. Naturally we have instructed the resellers who are selling without the glue to give a discount and to make sure that you are made aware that the glue is not included. It is on its way so if you are desperate for the no-solder solution then you'll have to wait a couple more weeks.
    The good news is that while we were waiting for the glue we had time to add a new feature called MULTI-R which is also a new feature that we have added to an upgraded version of the ridiculously popular LT Switch.
    With the help of TeaJunkie on our forums who has become somewhat of a go-to guy for repairing Liteon PCB's that some of you had butchered in a frenzy of solder-hate, we discovered a very small number of DVD drives that simply would not switch to vendor mode. Now before a thousand of you who couldn't get 0×72 vendor mode start waving your hands, the number of returned drives with this error was 2 out of 63 drives. The majority of the time it was user error. However even if there is a small chance of an issue, we had to find a solution and implement it. After input from other experienced members and various articles on the same problem, we found that the LT Switch default resistor level of 20 Ohms could sometimes be too much or not enough for a small number of DVD drives (we found that the majority of drives that ever showed this issue were the Liteon 93450). So our solution once again lends itself to the process of K.I.S.S (KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID) - We added a switch bank so you could choose your level of resistor Smile Your options are 18 Ohms, 20 Ohms (Default) and 22 Ohms. We have called this feature "MULTI-R" and it has now been implemented on the LT Switch v1.5 and the CK3 Probe v2.
    We have also made sure that unlike other products, the underside of the PCB is protected against shortages from any exposed PCB traces (as implemented on the LT Switch v1)
    The New Designed LT Switch v1.5 with MULTI-R. On Sale From March 28th £5.95 / $8.95 (Bulk Discounts Available As Usual).
    Xecuter LT Switch v1.5

    ....and the new design CK3 Probe v2 with MULTI-R Feature. Note we have also color coded the Probes so they can be easily identified. Remember that unlike other products, the CK3 Probe v2 also has Probe v1 Support (Liteon 74850 Key Dump with No Trace Cuts), has its own power isolator switch so you can be completely safe against shortages even if your CK3 is turned on and no rebuild PCB's to solder. The new custom made conductive glue is absolutely fantastic and as soon as that's ready to ship we will let you know. In the meantime you can buy the CK3 probe v2 without the glue for just £11.95 / $17.95 - Stock is expected to arrive before March 28th.
    Xecuter CK3 Probe v2

    Official Site: team-xecuter

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