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Posting a. Refrain from spam/one-liner replies, such as "thx, ..., *emotion*, lol" etc... Try to extend your post so it is meaningful. b. SEARCH!! - We encourage you to use the search function before you go about asking a question. Chances are, your question may have already been answered, and can lessen the time it takes to wait for a response if you were to create your own. c. Bumping - Pay attention to the date of the last post. Bumping old topics (around 2+ weeks from last post) is not allowed, but only if you have an informative addition to the topic, or it is a tutorial you would like to respond to. d. Flame - We try to keep this board as civil as possible. One thing we strongly do not tolerate is the use of insults towards other members. You can express your opinion civilly, no need to be harsh about it. If things start heating up, use the report function (explained in guide as well). Failing to do so and deciding to take matter into your own hands can result in an infraction/warning for yourself as well. So be careful. e. Make your posts legible - It takes less effort to type complete sentences. We want to understand you. (s0 3v3n th0ugh m0st p30pL3 c4n r34d d1z, n0 0n3 3nj0yz 1t.) Also, do not post in all CAPS. People take CAPS as a form of screaming. You can't interpret over 8% of communication over the internet, so its best you keep the caps lock off. f. Do not bypass word censor - It is implanted for a reason. If you want to swear, do it somewhere else. You have your whole life to, but no one wants to read a post with 80% swear words. It's time to grow up some on this board, you can get by. g. This is an English speaking forum, we only speak ENGLISH here. h. We encourage everyone to help out members here. If you don't have anything nice to say to them, don't say anything at all. Be polite at all times. Using the "Thanks" button as a symbol of posts you find informative/helpful to you. Any abuse, (such as creating another account and thanking your own posts), will result in an infraction and ban from the "Thanks" system. You may also say "Thanks," but do not beg people to give you Thanks, Its disrespectful. i. Do not post saying "Not allowed" "No warez in public" "No flaming" "No bumping" "Do not bump threads" "Way to bump this old thread" "etc..." Report the post j.

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